Pinnocchio & Judgments


March 19, 2009

With every lie, this wooden puppet’s nose grew longer! Judgments flourish with nearly everyone, causing hurt and pain that creates rain on millions of well intended souls. Judgments are popularly erroneous observations often accompanied by a personal opinion reflecting subjective programming of the ‘judgment perpetrator’.

Judgments are hidden lies that are overlooked as such! As children, we all for the most part, were told of the Pinnocchio story and how his nose grew with every lie. As we age most of us avoid getting caught in lies both personally, at work, and out there in society, partly out of fear of exposure. Yet, who among us is paying attention to remarks that are distorted opinions, especially ones that directly or indirectly affect the one at ‘effect’! Words are powerful instruments of control, particularly ones that are inaccurate or, even worse, total fabrications!

The ‘judger’ frequently believes the ‘projected’ erroneous assessments about another often because of their own insecurities and denial of wanting to see the truth. Erroneous judgments die a very slow death before spreading ‘illusion’ far and wide in places that encourage ‘additional judgments’ by the one receiving it. When in the ‘news media’, it’s likely to unnecessarily pollute millions of minds.

Listening to ones heart with careful sensitivity and awareness of the facts with little or no attaching opinions that are pure ‘fluff’, is the start of seeing all of life much more clearly instead of looking over a ‘nose’ of lies that accumulate upon each other. Life changes totally when ‘judgments’ are refrained from and all situations are screened for ‘lies’. Judgments are like accumulating ‘fat’, they are not easy to shed. Watch the thoughts, feelings, and words while seeing the positive elements to all. “It’s not necessarily not the truth”.

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