Shape Shifters

St. Patrick’s Day, 2009

I’m a shape shifter! Shapeshifting is a common theme in mythology and folklore, as well as in science fiction and fantasy. In its broadest sense, it is a metamorphosis (change in the physical form or shape) of a person or animal. Shapeshifting involves physical changes such as alterations of age, gender, race, or general appearance even emotional. David Icke, the British journalist who gave up a TV sportscasting career to uncover the many secrets of the ‘New World Order’ and ‘shape shifting’ is most famous for bringing ‘shape shifting’ to light regarding those who control the world.

I began interviewing thousands from the beginning of my ‘spiritual community/center’ in 1991 until present time. I found that, of course, people would present a side that I invariably liked but, when it came to living with them, often their demeanor radically changed often from drug and alcohol abuse – male or female, no difference. On a personal level with ‘involvements’, called ‘getting to know someone better’, the truth of who they were on a daily basis came out soon, sometimes a ‘real shape shifting’ in a ‘yee gads-where’s the one I love’. form!

Car salesmen and politicians are popular shape shifters, telling one thing and shape shifting the results! Husbands and wives play their defensive roles of conflicting shape shifting to defend what is usually unresolved issues showing up as ‘problems’. Healthy ‘shape shifting’ is with consciousness and not ‘knee jerk’.

Life presents many challenges with others that require both an inner and/or outer shape shifting of both the physical, mental, and emotional self. Negatives from fear to stress come with unconscious shifting. Life is about correcting what brings lesser results and, instead promoting both inner peace and harmony for oneself and, the ‘other shape shifters’!
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