Jew Idiot

Get Rid of Anti-Semitism
Get Rid of Anti-Semitism

March 16, 2009

An idiot is one who frequently won’t acknowledge their faults that involves another. They come in all sizes and shapes, colors, education, and wealth status. One of the faults is to ‘pigeon hole’ individuals or groups of people without acknowledging doing it and, why.

Millions of idiots put a stamp of their personal issues and ignorance on Jewish people, particularly when they have likely little or no experience with jews who, of course, have their idiots also, top to bottom who are bad examples of what a ‘good jew’ stands for.

Several years back when doing a spiritual community/center in Los Angeles and dealing with 100’s and 1000’s of people, I began to see clearly that there were few people who didn’t jump to their own ‘projected’ views on almost anything particularly even just a minimum amount of words. This behavior often was negative judgment which not infrequently would adversely dictate the persons future connection with me or whomever was at the other end of the conversation.

Doing my ‘free speech displays’ year after year, always seeking ‘hook words’ as ‘titles’ on ‘white board easels’ to attract more attention for others to read a very ‘heart felt’ educational message, I also discovered an interesting phenomenon! People were emotionally charged and, controlled by ‘three words or less’. This led me to see that millions were controlled by sometimes even ‘one word’! Donald Trump, the billionaire tycoon from NYC and host of the TV show, ‘The Apprentice’ is an example of one who controls by words. HIs show involves a few handfuls of people competing on pre arranged tasks to wind up the winner of a large reward. Trumps key control ‘hook’ is ‘YOU’RE FIRED’ for those falling short of performance! Two words also that subtly control millions in their ‘lively hoods’.

People’s lives, unconsciously, are largely controlled both personally (especially in marriages) and socially by key words that really are just sounds that are only given meaning if someone is ‘conditioned pavlovian style’ to react/respond. Life changes when one is connected smoothly to their emotions and intellect with awareness. Loving the inner being creates a discerning response for all words. To be controlled by words is to lower oneself to ‘robot’ or idiot status. Always consider the source as well as ‘their’ meaning of the words for a healthy start!

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