Women Fear YOU!

Women Fear You
March 15, 2009

As I was doing my daily 4 am, four mile walk on this cold, breezy morning, I passed only two others crazy enough to be up at this early hour. Two separate women walked briskly in fear of me because I’m a male. How could I know that? Easy, they always have dogs with them for protection! If not a dog, then a male mate (same thing – dog). Now this is one of the world’s safest most serene towns unlike funky Venice Beach, California where I spent the last 17 years at.

In Venice, no woman walked after dark without a ‘pit bull’, and even then, that is risky. The primordial instinct of man to mate at all costs, is still either buried in or worn on the sleeve of men in general even in this ‘hi tech-porno filled world’ of false ‘sophistication’. Men still are born predators of the female world whether in a business suit or pants approaching their knees with boxer shorts displayed between the pants and shirt.

For the small percentage of men who have risen above this neanderthal jungle behavior, they suffer the same situations with females even if they are less intimidating than some females. Guilt by association! Children born today will likely play the same ‘strange role’ that is embedded in the mass consciousness. Steal money and/or rape is a real fear on the ‘streets of night’ as much as fearing the animals in the darkness of the jungle.

What to do but accept what is and, use awareness and common sense, leave love out of the picture, except if you love yourself you’ll use awareness and common sense! Life is about choices that hopefully result in decisions that lead to doors of other choices, on and on, each rising to higher levels while knowing what ‘doors’ not to open.

This same fear, translates into the fears of closeness to adult counterparts in the intimate side of life. No dog necessary, unless one is with the human ‘dog’!
Why love lemons when mandarins are available. When is fear primordial and when is it time to let go of unnecessary fears. Knowing that, makes the difference between the real experience of love and, common ‘fear/love’. (stream of consciousness)

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