Islamic Scum Dogs

Over Your Meat
Cover Your Meat

March 11, 2009

Men in general are scum dogs with wallets. Men go to religious services either to sniff out the ‘menu’, guilt, fear and mostly for connections that are money premeditated. In Islam, women wear a scarf often referred to as a HAJIB which frequently covers all but the eyes. Tradition has hidden the reason for this ‘bizarre’ dress. Simply put, the real reason, going back in time, was to protect themselves from the animal nature of man. Even the eyes only, of a woman in certain repressed cultures, are enough to create urges of rape in the men of that culture.

Those men who are above this ‘hidden abuse’ of women are either rare evolved ones or more likely, homosexual in hiding. As science has of late concluded, a certain minority of males and females are born with a natural propensity to gravitate to their same sex.
In certain cultures, men who have the economic means and power are self appointed ‘caretakers’ of multiple women, thereby making the general proportion of 50/50 male to female population very skewed to leave an unfair proportion of males. The ‘gender rape’ drives these men of a ‘pseudo religious’ culture into ‘hormonal madness’ or, to make them into ‘scum dogs’!

Mankind has only recently, in the last century, begun to evolve beyond eons of living as ‘human animals’ with isolated exceptions, killing, robbing, and raping for carnal pleasures. This ‘gone amok’ behavior has been converted with the advent of technology, into a suppressed volcano that few women can relate to.

Islamic women who lack liberation and not consumed by their egos, see the whole covering of their bodily parts as merely an obsession and protection from their two legged slobbering counterparts. Even prostrating themselves to one man, is a protection from the wild dogs of the street. It’s an ugly scene, but one that promises to cling to its barbarianism for years to come. Self realization and loving oneself happens beyond all religion.(Stream of consciousness/unedited)

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