No Time for Love

March 5-2009

In all past, there was ‘no time for love’ except among the rare truly blessed. Parts of the world today are open with time for love! People lived for barely half of the time that many do today. Everything and moment, was consumed by ‘survival’ – no time for the
fruits of love. The mind and heart were ensconced in very limited opportunities. Rules amounting to a slavery prevented the ‘right people for each other’ to connect. Connection was for ‘reproduction’ and survival.

Today, reproduction is of the spirit of love that has been sleeping forever….and yet,
few have not wasted the time in material accumulation and, maladjusted love. Love is all around, in the trees and, the ‘birds and bees’ waiting for everyone to climb out of the ancient limiting past into the beauty of the moment. The old romance fades into dealing with the issues of the relationship that are unattended while everybody goes shopping and ignores love and the communication that is the ‘glue’ that keeps love together.

Love and it’s consistent manifestation in coupling is an opportunity to find the ‘zone’ that completes the essence of what love is in full bloom. Love sets no boundaries as society seems to attempt to regulate. Love is sensitive and in communication with that sensitivity from beginning to end and every moment in between. In fact, love never has a real end but, just changes as nature presents it’s kaleidoscope of ‘seasons of love’.

As one enters into love with another, love that’s authentic continues regardless of all changes. Love always remains sensitive and compassionate in renewing itself from moment to moment. Love is NEVER lost, but sometimes goes into hiding for infinite reasons.. This time in earths life is the best time for the seeds of love to reach their highest possibilities. All roadblocks are self induced.

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