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Why be Sidetracked
Why be Sidetracked

… When you are! Relationships are very easy! Just kick the elephant out of the room! Bringing important unresolved issues into the ‘bedroom of romance floating in the sky’ doesn’t work. Don’t matter if one has them and one doesn’t. Combo cocktails often make a poor mix no matter the quality of even one ingredient. Spoiled prune juice with the best vodka equals a poor ‘relationship’.

The ‘elephant’ is the unresolved past that brings in new elephants challenging the whole mix. Money issues are fear based, for example. People with open hearts of love always find ways to make the best of all situations. Issues that arise, all have a beginning that hasn’t been resolved. ‘Issues’ not handled with love and workable communication are merely having more than two in the coupling.

Few are able to handle each other let alone bringing in other unnecessary factors.
People in ‘clarity’ position themselves with clarity and awareness to all situations no matter the challenge. When the love is ‘dismembered’ or fractured, common sense and communication with compassion is always there waiting for attention. There are no unsuccessful relationships – just people not using the skills that everyone has even if they need developing.

Intimate relationships are a divine opportunity to come as close to godliness or ‘god’ if you will, that will likely be possible. Seeing into the eyes of another is to see the depths of love or ‘god’. Follow godliness which always invites in the whole family of qualities that add up to ‘love’. It is a disease to ignore what is there to nourish the being of the mind and heart. A relationship of love is a direct path to the highest peaks of consciousness by whatever name it’s called. At least have a relationship with meditation and, find the lover within. (Stream of Consciousness)

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