Dick Head by Ifye2live
Dick Head by Ifye2live

March 3, 2009

Broken hearts can be fixed but, broken brains are likely an ongoing danger to the ‘shmekelbrain’ and all he encounters. Liking one’s mind and not falling in love with it, is to be a real dufuss ‘til death do they part’! The mind is a con hence the ‘con game’. A con is only interested in ‘money’ along with denial, anger, and, if they were to confront themselves, ‘fear’.

Few religious rabbi’s, priests, pastors or even ‘enlightened masters’ work with any device that isn’t fear based. A brain is a dangerous thing when not surpassed by the tenderness of the heart. The mind only hears the minds of others and even feigns the heart to be open. A door ajar with a rubber stopper to leave it ‘cracked’ is much like the mind and hearts of all but a few who walk the earth today, hence the world turmoil that steams in the smell of violence, greed and all fears.

With today’s economy spiraling downward, it’s time for the doors of responsibility to fly open for the ‘washing from a fire hose’ to unplug all the sludge that’s accumulated on the top of rotting garbage. There is ‘no quick fix’ for the ‘crooked aging redwood’ but humans are created with ‘flexibleness’.

Start with buying or picking yourself a flower once in a while and, while at it, give someone a flower on some day other than St. Valentine’s Day. Anyone can move the rubber stopper to open the door wide for the mind and heart, in fact, take both doors off the hinges and let the new fresh breezes blow in and germinate a new being. The time wasted collecting ‘material shields’ is a time that is gone with no change for the better in the mind and heart. Keep the back door open so the fool and shmekelbrain can keep walking out into ‘fergitaboutit land’! (superconscious stream of conscious)

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