Lookin’ fer Yourself

Lookin' fer yourself
Lookin' fer yourself

Copyright February 28, 2009

The situation is you’ve lost yourself down a path to nowhere. Your as close as you’ve ever been but, keep looking in all the wrong places. You just want to know who you are and how to love as much as you can imagine and be with one and many who also feel the same way – just wanting everyone to know who they are.

Freedom is more than a career and a two week vacation once a year while stressing over endless bills that have the necessity of a shining moon on a sunny day. There is no possibility of knowing who we are, by looking everywhere for outer entertainment instead of ‘innertainment’! Feel the heart tremble and the earth move right where you are at. There is no where to go, for the real journey is within where all the joy and excitement lie in perpetual wait like the seeds in the ground wait for Springs nurturing.

Life is the friendliest of the options but for one seeing it. Existence has been preparing for you far longer that recorded time. Being alive is a ‘picker upper’ and a vacation from what was before and will be. Each has arrived on time to see the lessons and challenges that are here at this rapidly changing juncture. The ‘lights are on’!

You need to know all there is to know about what’s here inside! Too many years have passed on this earthly journey that each has used in ways only amounting to avoiding what really needs to be known. Turning back time is like going backwards on a freeway
thinking it’ll work. The moment is now and all is passing by until we are free to see from within. Time to stop hidin’ from yourself – you have all the answers! Sail with the times otherwise, ‘put an egg in your shoe and beat it’! (stream of consciousness)

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