Every Last Second

Every Last Second
Every Last Second

Copyright March 1, 2009

Do everything like it’s your last one! My friend Dave is a Master on ice with this technique. Couple years or so back, he jumped on a plane from a life rolling in success making movies in Hollywood, to slide on Florida ice. Underneath the plane to Florida, were the traveling trucks loaded with all his artifact investments to fill the new mansion in that would serve his delight until, caught off guard, the ‘winter of discontent’ rolled in like a fog from nowhere.

His motivation for the move was to buy a 1/3 interest in the Ice Capades, without consulting the ‘illuminati of the spiritual world’. Slipping on a banana peel is not Dave’s desire or, slipping on the ice even though he once, in his youth, was a world class hockey player. But slip and crash he did before the great crash of 2009 (he always finds himself ahead of humanity’s trends) and, trying not to look back.

‘Wonder Dave’ is not an imagination even though he trumps even the Trumpster who has the TV series, ‘Celebrity Apprentice! Dave lives 200 miles an hour, yet is aware he goes nowhere so why look back, er, and take it seriously! Dave never lets his breath fog up the glass and yet, his trying to balance the material world with the spiritual world is one that presents him with falls and lessons, as with his partner in the Ice Capades who took his money and skated off leaving Dave to wonder why he went from Paradise in California to the sunny beaches of Florida looking for ice that skated away!

My friend Dave may be an ‘enigma’ but, it’s his life in ‘wonderment’ and as much as he looks back, he always reminds me, he’s not attached and then, he lights a cigar with his glass of bourbon to help him forget….or so it would seem … he says he never looks back, he just wants that guy from the Ice Capades, who’s now back in town, to cough up what he skated off with. See Dave, as one of the sons of a NY godfather, is also the ‘godfather of the spiritual illuminati’.

This was all his idea to begin to schpiel his adventures in hopes of spreading thoughts of enlightenment, particularly in this ‘winter of economic discontent’ with the suggestion to ‘look ahead a bit and, cut the deck or, you may be the next to fall on the ice without knowing how to not look back AND, be unattached! Find the rhythm to float above the foray of challenges and, ‘have a cigar’, just don’t inhale.

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