No one can be sure if the elusive Spiderman, aka the new Howard Hughes of Hermitsville, is really there! However, the social network, Face-book, run by pedophile nerds, did ban him for fear of something… perhaps because he, in one night, answered hundreds of emails a few days ago in response to his being identified by some in my posting, ‘Hit by Lightnin’. Who knows?

Several years ago when he arrived at my Yesss Center in Venice, California in his ‘batmobile’, I began to suspect that this dude was from some other planet. Confirmation of this, has been all but proven. He dances in like a Ballerina and turns into an ‘elephant on the loose’ at the blink of an eye as he is oblivious to the ensuing wreckage left in the hearts of the innocent.

He’s a wonder as he fasts for a week, usually sitting in his living room chair trying not to chomp on his favorite cigar. He’s like a sudden tornado otherwise on a peaceful day. Some say it’s a bipolar thing, but when one has lost all boundaries of protocol, perhaps its only seen as that by those who relish the thought of judging others not fitting their expected profile of ‘respect’.

It’s been said you should have all you want as long as it’s not anymore that you already have. Or, as that infamous baseball catcher of the New York Yankees has been heard to say, ‘if it’s cash, it’s as good as money’!

Spiderman lives in the cushy coast town favored by members of the ‘illuminati’ and is banned from all the town’s restaurants for fear of idle chatter exposing their little kingdoms. George Bush was there playing innocent by reading a fairy tale to youngsters as the planes hit the World Trade Center on 9-11 – another ballerina shapeshifting into that which the ‘spiderman’ deplores? Who knows but the shadow who goes by the name of Allah or, the fallen angels from Christianity.

Perhaps the ‘fear of self’ and knowing who one really is, is the real arachnophobia! Spiderman can be found on MySpace for those who didn’t get his answer from the CIA’s pet project, Face-book. Always ‘read between the lines’.

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