Happiness Streaming
Happiness Streaming

Copyright February 26, 09

Some day, sometime, something’s going to make you wonder where ‘happiness’ has gone! You will wonder why one has to be here and endure events that had better be avoided and, never happened. To know joy, the opposite must be there to draw a contrast and resonance.

What unhappiness was created by our own misjudgments and which are beyond our control? How much does our lack of self love have to do with how we react or respond? Would a world free of all negative, stop the rain that falls and yet create a desert that becomes our worst nightmare. Should sunny days never have nightfall and, every action have no consequence? Can we eat and drink to our desire without ‘something’ that draws a line of unhappiness? Is unhappiness just a challenge to allow us to reach deep within to see that awareness and love of self, make life bearable and provide answers not only for ourselves but, experiences to share with others for their benefit?

There is no mountain high enough nor any valley low enough to keep the possibilities of finding some way to overcome what is presented before us. Down in the heart is always the idea of hope for an answer that paves the way for the sun to come out and show us the way. With the sun comes shadows. Lying to oneself because of misfortune is to put one into a frozen space on the ladder of life. Always happiness awaits even the most bleak moments,

No door is every closed, it’s just looking for the key within that unlocks the breezes of new moments but, now with a deeper feeling of wisdom. Discarding happiness when unhappiness comes in is to forget that most of the word is ‘happiness’, just undone to present another opportunity to flow with the river of time and it’s many beauties to be seen. No matter what you think and feel, there is always a new dawn of hope and direction coming. (stream of consciousness)

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