Set Da Bar…..

Setting the Bar
Setting the Bar

Copyright February 15, 2009
…Higher….or lower. If the ego is too high, or too low, it’s time to stop, take a deep look at where one is and then, begin the journey of reseting the ‘bar of false illusion’ that is causing unwanted feedback, especially from those who are cared about. Not seeing the self, as one would who does, is rowing against the tide.

Living up to always being higher than the real you is akin to attempting to climb Mt. Everest in hiking shorts – waste of time as much as wearing a parka at the beach. All ‘physical’, be it money, looks, achievements, etc., are just ‘extras’ with little meaning for the real you, which can continue for one’s whole life even at 100. Setting the bar too high is ultimately a slippery slope with out the ‘net of knowing oneself’.

‘Knowing and loving oneself’ is the net for survival under all conditions. Life shifts and changes at any moment and certainly as time marches on. Those who’ve built a strong foundation of ‘love of self’ have ‘set the bar’ exactly where it should be. Life is not a fool. The fools live in life thinking that they are BIGGER than life.

The ‘professional adviser’, to make better investments, is given to everyone as they mature in age, ‘inside’. And, free! Religions, self help books, gurus, are merely ‘tip givers to move beyond them’ and realize that all the answers were always inside. Buddha left his wife and new born child at 29 to set out finding the answers to life. Around a dozen years later, having found answers, he returned. The wife wasn’t very happy having been deserted and all for a vision that didn’t need going anywhere.

Love sits right here, right now, waiting for one’s full participation and sensitivity beyond all the ‘low and high bars’ that one so erroneously challenges himself and others with. Simplicity and practicality, with eyes wide open, finds love, light and joy when the ‘bar is set’ just right.

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