Jai Ho

Slumdog Millionaire
Copyright February 14, 2009

‘Let there be victory’ – Jai Ho! The ‘slum dog’ people of India live everywhere in the world and, mostly in the ‘minds of billions’, not withstanding those who suffer in physical poverty! A secret confession to oneself about the state of real affairs within the mind, will likely reveal ‘positivity in poverty’, be it rational, emotional, or spiritual. Like the children in the ‘slums of India’ who run and play with joyful smiles, any adult can declare their own ‘victory’ within!

Slum dog children are not the only ones that can circumvent life’s dreariness and seeming futility. Everyone who breathes is entitled to reach within and find the best tools to deal with whatever is presented. Negative behavior is debilitating to the spirit of not only one acting like the ‘slum dog’ but those who come into contact. The ‘domino theory’ where unsocial behavior finds it self leaking into others lives, spreads itself.

Stop and, reverse loss of hope and positive feelings. Losing is attacking oneself with no escape hatch to the higher elements of feelings and consciousness. Always seek to reduce that which doesn’t work for a life of enthusiasm. Each step in life is harder than it need be when the ‘blocks’ are not unblocked to absorb nature’s wisdom of joy within.

Seek the ‘feelings’ of joy and hope. The same energy of despair is where the energy of all the good feelings reside but for opening the heart and awareness tucked away ‘hidden in plain sight’. The time of the playful child, oblivious to whatever conditions, is always ‘right there’ waiting for the moment when one is willing to say, ‘jai ho’! Victory is overcoming the obstacles within that hide the blessings of good cheer. (stream of consciousness)

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