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Octuplets Yoga(copyright February 20, 2008)Behind the ‘8 Ball’ is having 8 kids in one fell swoop!  No yoga, mediation and romantic walks in the moonlight!  Global warming is better identified as ‘global weirding’ with one strange story after another manifests itself on the news.  A California single woman has 6 kids in a 3 bedroom, 1500 square foot house and, gets pregnant through ‘artificial insemination’. It’s her parents home and, 3 of the kids have disabilities!

Meanwhile, millions of 4-8,000 sq foot homes have been built in the past 15 years for 2 people and, perhaps a child.  In the late ’90’s, I began to notice hundreds of new ‘mega houses’ in Los Angeles built in exclusive neighborhoods. Taking walks to marvel at these ‘castles’ it became apparent that rarely was anyone visible on the streets while blocks away, the homeless were with homes on their backs.  Homes have become houses or, better said, ATM machines to what’s called ‘flipping’ for profit.  Homes without a soul become ‘vacuous houses’.

‘No one home’ has become a trend with millions who live life occupying a body that seeks pleasure through fulfilling desires that are lust and greed driven.  Funny that those two of the ‘seven deadly sins’ are the dominant ones of the male.  Strangely, with the advent of artificial insemination and ‘sperm banks’, men are no longer needed!  Perhaps they unconsciously know that other than their bankroll they are disposable! This leads them to show their ‘manhood’ through buying expensive toys to attract ‘objects of lust’.

Taking time to love and meditate is ‘smelling the roses’ to nourish the home within. All the money in the world will only put one further from home base.  On the other end is having lots of kids without common sense that ends up only avoiding love of oneself and the romance of coupling.  Time is love – take time, avoid greed or. obsessing over ‘$green$’.

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