Foreclosure Marriage$


Hou$e M0rtgaged!
Hou$e M0rtgaged!

It’s a frequent statistic that one in about every two marriages ends in a divorce. Also, often, bad communication in a marriage leads to miss payments, and the mismanagement of monetary responsibilities can then lead to divorce. The majority of foreclosures are among couples.


Two hundred seventy five thousand foreclosures occurred in the US in January of 2009. That’s equivalent to over a half million people who are out of their homes..  Why? A failure to communicate.  To communicate with common sense is often replaced by emotions fueled by GREED. Spin it anyway one wants to, it’s still greed from the home buyer up to the ‘controller of the money’. Half a million per month is equivalent to the population of a major city!!!!!

If we are to believe media sources, these unconscious ‘wanna wanna gimme, gimme’s’ while trying to wet their appetites, are responsible for the ‘global economic collapse’! Personally, there are common sense observations that ‘outsourcing’ infinite products to other countries to save a buck, are right at the forefront of stupidity to fatten pockets. The US has developed an unconsciousness of ‘entitlement’ and, that $money$ is the end all to problems!   Again, not to be ignored is that over half of marriages end in divorce and, with traumatic economic consequences.

Love seems to be found at fast food McDonald’s and bargain shops like Wal Mart. Love by ‘toys for tots’ is the bargain today for sex and security irrespective of ensuing ‘burnout’. Foreclosure is rampant among minds glued to one or more of the ‘7 deadly sins’.  Foreclosed marriage is the name of the game for those who don’t walk with awareness, compassion and love – all which are free! Wanta leave the marriage but can’t afford to leave the house? Try loving communication …. if you can find it, it works!

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