Jerk in the Box

jerk_in_the_boxOne of you started it!  It’s always the ‘jerk in the box’ who thinks it’s not him. Arguments that engender ill feelings leading to varying forms of emotional chaos, are ignited usually by a ‘serial jerk in the box’ who wherever the go, create the same uncomfortable situations.  A ‘jerk in the box’ has a knee jerk temper that ignores common sense and compassion.

Provoking and/or twisting a situation is par for the course if one could follow with a camera, this ‘fear driven, out of sorts perpetrator of tension’. The antidote to this challenge in life is to stay alert, centered and with compassion that they are victims of unresolved mental and emotional damage likely stemming from childhood.  

I once worked with a NY small financial company as a Sales Executive who’s responsibility it was to bring in ‘deals’ that required expertise care to their completion. The ‘head of production’ was the ‘brains’ behind success or, ‘flopping’, and he knew more than anyone in the company – he was like a god.  Problem was, he was a first class jerk to everyone but the client.  I made it my mission to be the one person who got along with him and, when I did, things worked better for me than anyone else.  His insulting ways turned to a ‘wink and laughter’ as he became a dear friend of ‘mutual admiration’.

The quality of being able to privately chuckle or, laugh appropriately with sensitivity is a tool that serves one well through life, particularly with the ‘jerk in the box’ who consistently starts potential rancor.  A friend begins within and, the deeper that is, the greater the opportunity to convert anyone who is acting like an enemy.  And, use the tools for turning the intermittent jerk into a very special friend. In other words, learn the skills to take the hits without unnecessary reaction and, replaced by positive response.
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